Mechanical Division - Review and / or Retrofitting of Machine Tools


The type of retrofitting done by us consists of disassembly of the machine in its entirety, the replacement of

all trading partners obsolete or worn.


Overhaul and/or retrofitting, retooling of Machines tools certified like “NEW”
The overhauling we make is total:

ICRE carry out the disassembly of the machine, the overhaul of every machine member, the substitution of


commercials members, returning back to the machine’s geometric conditions in the originals tolerances.


To guarantee the maximum quality and safety, all the electrics, hydraulics, lubrication plants, etc.. are totally


remaked respecting the general conditions and following the moderns technologicals concepts.


If asked we offer the conversion of the hydraulic movements in electrics/electronics drives (PLC or CNC).


Software programs of diagnosis and preventive maintenance could also be applied.


The raised specialization we have reached, allow us to retool all the machines for executing the machining of


parts different from the originals ones. The deepened testing of the overhauleds machines it’s made following


the same methodologies used for the new ones. At the end of the testing the work is covered by the


contractual warranty.



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