ICRE was founded in 1968 as craftman society for electrics plants automation and meanwhile has begun

various work’s tipologies following the market’s requests and the development of industrial system

in areas like:

  • Electrotechnics
  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Oleodynamics
  • Certification CE
  • Pneumatic
  • Safety engineering
  • Test benches
  • Workbenches




ICRE’s projects are realized on the basis of acquired experiences to offer always more and more services


technologically advanced. Our experience allowed us to realize system ”TURN ON KEY” in industrial


automation and has given us the possibility to improve our Typologies of products and services,


particularly in:


1. Overhaul and/or retrofitting, retooling of Machines tools, adequatement toCE laws.

2. Study, design and construction haulages and handlings plants, welding lines.

3. Study, design and supply of industrials electrics plants for monitoring andcontrol.

4. Industrials panels (Synoptics, monitoring, control, power).

5. Oleodynamics and pneumatics plants.

6. Technical service for mechanics, electric HW – SW maintenance (routine, preventive and planned maintenance) in the Client’s factory

7. Machines or Machining line transfer from one factory to other sites.



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    Our Office:

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    Torino (To) - 10135


    Mail: info@icreautomazione.com